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Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are considered longest and most commonly used displays in the trade show industry. Half of all displays are considered a type of pop up. The distinction between Pop up exhibit and Hop up exhibits lie in the use of PVC graphic panels and fabric material. Pop Up display uses rigid, plastic (PVC) graphics panels on a frame. Hop Up, on the other hand, employs high quality fabric stretching across the frame. Also, pop up graphic panels are mostly attached through magnets, while hop up graphics fabric enlarges along with the frame where it is attached, never having to be removed.

Both use a similar framework, which expands just like an accordion. They set up in just minutes. See our two separate lines of displays.

Pop Up Display
Pop up booth and accessories

Premium Coyote Displays give you the needed reliability, style, strength, and ease of use of your display. We give you high quality popup displays at the most affordable prices. Our pop up display comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Fabric Popup Stands
popup fabric

Fabric popup displays are faster to setup compared to other trade show display. You can assemble them for 2-3 minutes. They come with brilliant color graphics.

Coyote Pop Up Display

Our affordable Coyote displays are the upper-end of our Display systems. They are USA-assembled portable display solutions made from high quality materials. These displays are built to last through years of exhibiting. While some parts are manufactured overseas, the rest of the process is done in the USA including the design, assembly, and quality control. Its frame comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Fast set up and dismantle
  • Easy to ship and store
  • LED lighting available
  • Single or double sided
  • Collapses to a fraction of its size
  • Molded custom case for easy transport
  • Accommodate a various accessories
  • Available in curved, serpentine, and straight configuration, along with several standard shapes
  • Lifetime warranty

Easy Set Hop Up Displays: These display systems are unique because of its fabric tension, with impressive dye-sub graphics printed on quality fabric that stretches across the frame tightly and flawlessly. Setup is fast and easy, as the fabric is attached directly to its frame.


  • USA made
  • Ideal for heavy use
  • Available in 8- or 10-foot, 20-foot, backlit curved, and tabletop configurations
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Custom case for simple, cost-effective transport
  • Frame with lifetime warranty

About Our PopUp Displays and Hop Up Displays

Pop Up and Hop Up displays are among the most popular display solutions today. What makes them the preferred option among customers?