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Trade Show Flooring

Thank you very much for your help with the return of the original pieces and speedy delivery of the new floor tiles. They are installed and really compliment the rest of our fair booth. John-AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

Interlocking Flooring

The high density Interlocking Trade Show Flooring systems can be made to any size. This flooring system is easy to put together and comes in various colors and styles, available beveled edges. Complete your booth look with Interlocking Flooring.

Trade Show Vinyl Flooring


Comfort flex flooring is the padded natural looking vinyl flooring option. With wood , stone , and pattern selections you have many many options.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood trade show flooring will give your booth a elegant and polished look. With so many choices, you can't go wrong.

Bamboo Flooring

Here is a floor that has it all. It is soft, eco freintly, looks great and is easy to install and rool up . order now a must have.

Showstar Carpet

So many carpet options, so little time! Let us help you get the best for your buck, and make every part of your booth comfortable and beautiful.

Custom Printed Carpet

Dye-Sublimated carpeting is perfect when quality design counts. This carpet is roll able, and can be steam cleaned! Up to 10' x 50' printable graphic area. With Dye-Sub carpeting your imagination is your only limit.

Logo Floor Mats

These rubber and vinyl backed products reduce slip and fall accidents while improving work place aesthetics with your customer's logo. Several varieties are available for indoor and outdoor applications.

Raised Flooring for Trade Shows

Adjustable raise flooring system allows you to be literally above the rest. This system is anti-static, glide resistant, and has utility plugs for wire management. Easy leveling with laser level makes it a snap to take you to new heights

Trade Show Flooring Accessories

We offer a variety of shipping cases and accessories for trade show booth flooring.

Are you sick and tired of renting expensive flooring for you trade show and making the show richer rich, while your own business check book gets depleted? You wonder as your trade show bills start piling up, where can I start cutting cost or improving my booth without it costing me at every show. If you rent flooring after the second or third rental you could have bought flooring you wanted.

Do your feet and legs part way through the show your feet start to ache or swell and you just feel you are not going to make it through the day? That is when you realize I need a softer floor. What about when you show up to your trade show and the flooring provided does not match your booth or just looks bad, no time to change it as slow as the shows are.

Put these problems behind you by buying what you want and save money at the same time. A 10'x10' floor can fit in a box 24"x24"x21" and have the comfort and look you want at every show. Sets up in no time and you keep the savings.

We here at Smash Hit Displays understand how important flooring is to the trade show process and we have gone out of our way to provide flooring options to fit every need. We don't carry the cheap foam soft tile we carry a rugged and strong comfort floor that will hold up to major abuse. We have priced our flooring very competitively and offer the service and guarantee you deserve. Our customers come back time and time again because of our great products and service. Do yourself a big favor and give us a call so you can experience our great flooring's and service.