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Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom Display Gallery


  • Design it your way! No custom design costs
  • Thousands of displays to choose from or modify
  • Huge on line cost savings 
  • Rentals available
  • Change any shape or size without expensive add on pricing
  • One project designer/project manager
  • We do everything so it is a one stop purchase 
  • If you are not sure of all the benefits of a custom display. Just click here, "Why A Custom Display?"

10x10 Custom Displays
Display custom

Even a 10 x 10 booth can be made into a spectacular custom display. Don't think you need a large booth to get the audiences attention we can make a booth that will have them talking.

10 x20 Custom Display
10x20 custom displays

If you have paid for a 10 x 20 booth make sure you make the most of the space by using a custom display. Stand out in the sea of displays and get your product noticed and products sold.

10 x 30 Custom Displays
10x30 custom displays

Stand out at any trade show, convention, or expo with the stunning 10 x 30 custom displays from Smash Hit Displays.

20 x 20 Custom Island Displays
20x20 custom displays

Smash Hit Displays carries a variety of 20 x 20 custom displays that will fit your needs and style.

20 x 30 Custom Displays
20x30 custom displays

Be the talk of the event with the spacious, innovative 20 x 30 custom displays.

30 x 30 Custom Displays
30x30 custom displays

Your audience will be talking about your show display long after the event closes its doors with these 30 x 30 custom displays.

Are you task with purchasing a display and don’t know where to start or get the lowest costs? Don’t feel alone most people are and we get these call every day. The process is relatively easy but unknown and can be overwhelming. That where we come in, we help you create options, find the best value, and lowest cost. There is no upfront charge for our work. We do the work, present you with your options and your team makes the decision. Simple as 1,2,3.

  • If you are not sure of all the benefits of a custom display. Just click here, "Why A Custom Display?"


    Custom trade show displays are show-stoppers. When anyone walks into a trade show or convention, custom display systems are usually the first to be noticed, due to their exclusive architecture, and very often their height, dimensional appeal, and size. Although customdisplays are typically a higher investment, the return on that investment more than justifies the expense, when thoughtfully planned and executed.

    Smash Hit Displays is excited to bring you nearly limitless options for creating a custom display. Whether your booth space is 10X30, 20X20, 20X30, or 30X30, we have plenty of options available to fit your style and trade show display needs. The trade show audience will be talking about your display long after the show is over…it will stick in their memory! If you need help with designing your custom trade show display, call us at 1-877-215-5355.

    What makes a custom booth from Smash Hit Displays more desirable is that we design to your specific needs without the usual custom prices, and there’s no limit to the design choices available to you. What we’re concerned about is providing the utmost in customer service, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

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