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More and more exhibitors are using trade show truss display systems to promote their company and products. Some of the reasons these displays are becoming more popular is because of their heavy-duty construction, customization design, and open layout.
Our trade show displays use easy connector knobs to efficiently attach the box truss pieces without any additional tools, making it easy for one person to assemble quickly and painlessly. Not only is it easy to assemble, even for rookie exhibitors, but also durable, long-lasting solid tubular steel or aluminum is used, which can also support LCD or plasma monitors, graphics, lights, and other accessories you would like to use to enhance the look of your display.

Each Truss is powder coated in your choice of five colors for a bold look that will set you apart from other booths. Custom colors are also available. With the high-quality fitted graphics, you ll have the opportunity to promote your products or services for a personalized, memorable look. These truss displays are close to custom displays as you can get without having to pay the hefty custom price.

These exhibits are made in the USA and carefully shipped to our customers. However, a five year warranty is included to cover any manufacture defects. Smash Hit Displays carries a wide variety of sizes and configurations of the stunning truss we offer.

So, if you are in the market for an innovative, quality display that is both eye-catching and easy to install and dismantle, these displays are perfect for you. Call Smash Hit Displays at 877-215-5355 for more information.

Easy to rent turn key truss displays

The Advantages of Trade Show Truss Display Rentals

Why buy a truss for your displays when you can rent? Buying a truss is one way to go, but not only do you have to invest thousands for a purchase, you also need room to store it. Once you purchase, you have locked in your design and are pretty much stuck with it unless you have more cash on hand to update for each show.


Using Truss Systems for Trade Show Success

Using Truss Systems for Trade Show SuccessEven in today s technology driven era, nothing beats the effectiveness of face-to-face contact. Not only will you have the ability to meet and get to know someone at a more personal level, but these individuals may end up being networking connections that can help your business. And what better place to meet these industry professionals than through trade shows.


Leverage Your Truss System for Trade Show Success With These Tips

Leverage Your Truss System for Trade Show Success With These TipsThere are numerous benefits to trade show exhibiting that you can t get with any other marketing medium. First of all, you ll get the chance to show off your product and company knowledge by meeting and talking to hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Use Hanging Signage With Your Truss Display by Following These Tips

Use Hanging Signage With Your Truss Display by Following These TipsAs spectacular as trade show truss displays are, it is often the included hanging signage that gives it the over-the-top, impressive appearance that will have attendees swarming towards your booth. However, before you begin ordering and making plans for where your banners will go, it is important you contact the event s management team to find out the following information:

    Are there any size requirements for the sign at the venue?
    Will someone be available to hang it up or will that be your responsibility?
    Do the signs need to be hung up early or at the same time as the truss display?
    Are there any regulations or rules that will not allow overhead signage?

How to Design a Spectacular Truss Display

How to Design a Spectacular Truss DisplayWondering how you can create a truss display that will stand out at trade shows? These tips will help you do just that.

5 Simple Ways to Customize Truss Systems

Truss DisplaysThe most memorable show displays are those that have a unique look that stands out from the other booths. Most exhibitors prefer to use custom displays for this reason, but there is another option that has all of the capabilities of a custom booth without a high price.


Why Exhibitors Should Use Atlantis Truss Systems at Trade Shows

Truss Systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations, giving exhibitors the opportunity to have a custom display without the hefty cost of a customized booth. While many exhibitors prefer to use island displays because of its spacious design, not everyone has the space to hold a 20 x 20 display system.


Hercules Truss: An Innovative Twist on Tradeshow Trusses

Hercules Truss SystemsWhen you think of truss systems for trade shows, you probably think of clunky, over-the-top displays. For those exhibitors out there that don't have the budget for a large trade show booth, yet want a quality exhibit, Smash Hit Displays has the perfect solution.


Top 5 Truss Display Booth Tips

Truss DisplaysWhether a business is going to its first or its fiftieth trade show, a little extra preparation and advice does not go amiss. Trade shows have become an important means of finding new clients and connections. The opportunities for growth are there as long as companies know how to take advantage of them.


Custom Truss

custom trade show displaysCustom truss trade show displays are exhibits using an aluminum or steel framework for forming a type of shell that is then used to display graphics, display cases, shelving, LCD monitors, pegboards, and many other accessories for the trade show booth. A truss display has a lot of benefits and is unique in functionality and appearance. The truss both generally has a hardcore, industrial, rugged look that fits well with its purpose. The truss can bear a lot of weight and is in fact known for its weight-bearing capabilities. It can even be used as a double-decker for display purposes.


A Full-Service Agency At Smash Hit Displays, we go out of our way to provide you with full service. In addition to our full line of portable trade show exhibits, the highlights of our service includes:

  • An in-house graphic design department to serve your needs.
  • Tracking software that tracks your orders from beginning to end.
  • Partnerships with major trade exhibit manufacturers who have products in stock and can ship quickly.
  • Partnerships with nationwide printers to provide high-quality printing & graphics.

Display Warranties At Smash Hit Displays, we test every booth and exhibit we sell to make sure our customers get the best quality products. Our booths and exhibits are durable and versatile. We offer warranties on all products, ranging from 1-year to lifetime warranties.

Give us a call today at 1.877.215.5355 to talk about show displays, exhibits, flooring, and booths. Our knowledgeable customer service staff can help you to plan your next show. You can also send an email to our Sales staff through our "Contact Page," and they will gladly answer your questions about trade shows.

Customer Support If you have any questions, please give us a call! We answer our phones, and can provide quick and easy answers for any questions or concerns you might have.

We Serve the U.S. and Ship Worldwide We serve all U.S. cities and every convention center in the United States. We have customers in Seattle, Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, and throughout the world. logoWe can ship to the location of your event or anywhere you need your products delivered.