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Trade show planning does not stop at the show itself. It takes months of preparations to be successful. Here are four effective tips to becoming a trade show success long after the show is over.

1. Pre-show Marketing

Although hundreds, maybe thousands of people attend trade shows, letting the public, especially current customers, know where your display will be located is a good idea. Send out direct mail pieces with promotions that are only for the exhibit. An example of this would be a direct mail piece that was sent out by a cell phone company. They offered free activation (normally a $30 value) and phone rebates that would only be effective if they purchased the phone and service at the exhibit. They received a huge amount of new business from this promotion. With an economy that won t be getting better any time soon, it is crucial to have coupons or some other form of discounts available to the attendees.

Another valuable pre show marketing mailer that could be sent out would be to inform potential attendees of a drawing you will have at your booth. Whether it be for a briefcase, vacation, or a t-shirt, everyone loves to get free stuff. This may be reason enough to get them over to your booth.

2. A Dazzling Trade Show Exhibit

Obviously you can t exhibit at a trade show without a trade show booth. With only 3 seconds to gain the attention of your potential new client, it is important to have a display that will catch their attention. When it comes to graphics, less is more. Having a photo of your product with just a few words would be remembered more than having several photos with a paragraph of text. It needs to be something easy to see and read while walking by.

The display itself is equally as important as the graphics. One of the most popular displays is called the pop up display. Just as the name implies, the frame pops up into place. Having a display that is simple to setup yet has a unique design is key to gaining attention. The Alumalite Hybrid Display is one of the most innovative displays on the market. With the unique look of the frame and canopy, to the flawless, stretching fabric used to print your graphics on, you are sure to get positive feedback from attendees. This is also very lightweight, keeping the shipping costs at a minimum.

The XpressionsFabric Tension Display is a three dimensional display that can be configured in several different ways. The graphics are also interchangeable, making a new display at each show. This is a great way to keep your display fresh and unique.

3. Staff Training

Your booth staff can make or break your trade show success. Consider these two examples: Booth A is staffed by employees who spend more time eating, drinking, talking on their phone, and talking to each other than they do talking to potential leads. These staffers are also not knowledgeable of their products or company. However, the staff at Booth B are professionally dressed, end phone conversations when potential customers enter your booth, do not eat while in their booth, and are very passionate about the company they work for and the products they sell. Which booth are you most likely to visit?

4. Lead Follow-up

Although the show may be over, the marketing is far from complete. While at the show, get the contact info of those individuals who may be interested in the products/services you have to offer. After the show is over, make sure to follow up with these people. Don t wait too long though; a week after the show would be a good time to start calling those people back.

How to Stick to a Trade Show Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

How to Stick to a Trade Show Budget Without Sacrificing QualityThe primary duty of a custom trade show display is to create much profit to your business and get a new audience. But as it stands now, the costs to have such services have really gone up. To ensure that you do not pay much for a custom trade show display, the following are some of the tips that you use as guidelines.


5 Simple Tips to Make a Big Impact at Trade Shows

5 Simple Tips to Make a Big Impact at Trade ShowsWhen you see a well-designed show booth, the closest thing that comes to mind is a lot of money that is pumped into it. But that's not the case; you can still have a perfect custom trade show display without having to pay too much money.


Avoid Bad Trade Shows

Procrastination Costs M-O-N-E-Y!!

Procrastination. It's the biggest mistake you can make in the trade show business. You can be assured a last minute order will cost you in rush charges, increased design fees and expedited shipping. If you've procrastinated with your trade show displays, it's probable you've done so with booth space, hotels and transportation costs.


Updating Your Trade Show Booth on a Budget

Updating Your Trade Show Booth on a BudgetBefore you consider purchasing a new display, here are some options you can consider.


The Benefits to Measuring Pre-ROI

The Benefits to Measuring ROI Before the Trade ShowMeasuring the return on investment (ROI) is an important post-show step to determine how successful your trade show display was at the event. This information will help you and your team make the decision to either exhibit at the same trade show next year or move on to a new one. As important as calculating the post-show ROI is, knowing the pre-show ROI is also a pivotal number exhibitors need to know.


Not Getting Trade Show Results? Try These 5 Attention-Grabbing Tips

Not Getting Trade Show Results? Try These 5 Attention-Grabbing Tips Getting traffic to your trade show display is easier said than done. Not only will your competition be there to try to steal potential customers from you, but having a less-than-stellar booth could ruin your chances of attracting attendees at all. If getting traffic is something you have struggled with at expos in the past, these 5 trade show design tips will help get the results you want.


Convert Attendees Into Customers With 3 Simple Tips

Convert Attendees Into Customers With 3 Simple TipsWhen meeting someone for the first time, you probably do not begin the relationship as best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. It takes time to build the relationship through conversations and face-to-face interactions. The same is true for trade show exhibitors and attendees. Sure, the initial meeting with a potential customer at your trade show booth went well, but the work is not over yet. It is up to you and your staff to continue building this new relationship outside of the trade show in order to transform this interested buyer into a loyal customer.

Get Attendees Talking With These Simple Tips

Get Attendees Talking With These Simple TipsEver feel like it s a struggle getting attendees to stick around your trade show display, let alone actually talk to you? Although the average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits (according to Exhibit Surveys, Inc.), exhibitors are missing out on opportunities to generate leads by either not saying anything to these interested attendees or saying the wrong things. If you have found it challenging to get people to stick around your booth and possibly make a purchase, then try these conversation starters at your next trade show.


3 Ways to Keep Bored Booth Staffers Productive

3 Ways to Keep Bored Booth Staffers ProductiveIn a perfect trade show world all booth staffers would be motivated to meet and obtain leads, have a friendly personality, and be willing to keep the trade show booth looking fresh in between attendees. However, many exhibitors do not have a complete staff like this; there are usually one or two staffers who seem to get bored easily, neglecting the tasks they should be working on. If this sounds like someone you have had to work with, keep reading for tips on how to handle a staffer that is difficult to work with.


Clothing That Doesn t Belong on the Trade Show Floor

Clothing That Doesn  t Belong on the Trade Show Floortrade show clothing displays, We have all seen it. Those exhibitors who are dressed like they just walked down a runway. What most of these people do not realize is that clothing and shoes that look great at nightclubs or high-end events don t work for the trade show floor. Sure, it is important to dress in appropriate attire at trade show displays in order to help promote your company, but here are some fashion no-no s that should be left at home when exhibiting.


A Full-Service Agency At Smash Hit Displays, we go out of our way to provide you with full service. In addition to our full line of portable trade show exhibits, the highlights of our service includes:

  • An in-house graphic design department to serve your needs.
  • Tracking software that tracks your orders from beginning to end.
  • Partnerships with major trade exhibit manufacturers who have products in stock and can ship quickly.
  • Partnerships with nationwide printers to provide high-quality printing & graphics.

Display Warranties At Smash Hit Displays, we test every booth and exhibit we sell to make sure our customers get the best quality products. Our booths and exhibits are durable and versatile. We offer warranties on all products, ranging from 1-year to lifetime warranties.

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