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5 Ways to Entice People to Your Trade Show Display

trade show exhibit interactive kioskMost people who attend a trade show are a bit overwhelmed when entering the doors to the show. There s so much to see and do. And all of the exhibitors are competing for attention from the attendees. Certainly large custom exhibits will be noticed quickly, along with those trade show displays in prime locations, as well as the ones that have something up above the booth that is seen when people scan the showroom. But a successful display does not necessarily need to be the biggest or most glamorous in the show.

There are other factors that are certain to get attention. For a company with an exhibit display in the show, what truly matters is what the staffing does and says and what is offered. The task is to narrow down the visitor s attention to focus consideration on just your display and your message; to get the visitor involved, to the exclusion of all else. That factor above all will prove the effectiveness of the display, and will highly determine results.

What sorts of things can the staffing do, then? Here are 5 good ways to entice people to your display and help to focus their attention:

  1. Be prepared with a novel (unique or special) greeting and a useful giveaway
    • "Hello. How are you?"  and other common greetings are only immediate attention-getters. It is what is said next (immediately) that matters!
    • Asking the visitor a question might be good, but it can easily turn the visitor off. There is always a good chance that they do not want to answer any questions at all right off the bat.
    • Offering a refreshment/snack is a solid ice-breaker. When you give someone something they naturally feel obligated to give you some positive regard. This means you have bought a little more time.
    • The greeter must know their role very well and should have done plenty of role-playing to be totally prepared and professional.
    • The greeter should offer a giveaway as soon as possible, if not right away.
    • Invest in only useful giveaway items like logo pens, logo mugs, and such that will likely be used long after the show is over.
    • Avoid candy and other consumables that are used, tossed, and forgotten.
    • A good greeter should analyze a visitor s personality quickly and act accordingly. For example: are they a talker, are they shy, are they natural listeners, etc.
    • Greeters should always have a professional appearance, including fresh breath and a mild, appealing fragrance.
  2. Interactive game or kiosk
    • A game could be as simple as a spinning wheel, bean-bag toss, or a prize drawing.
    • These days kiosks are an effective display tool that can perform multiple functions check one out!
    • Kiosks are an excellent way to reinforce brand while showcasing goods and services.
    • Kiosks are generally unintimidating, while a person could be a stand-of
  3. Always offer bottled water and a delicious snack
    • Don t spend the extra money for customized labels on bottled water because they are consumed and thrown away.
    • Most people will be pleased to quench their thirst; once again, you have given a useful and thoughtful item.
    • Granola bars make a good, healthy snack.
    • Popcorn is popular as a snack too.
  4. Have some seating available
    • If a visitor doesn't want to rest in the moment, they will remember the seating and might return to relax a bit.
    • Walking around a trade show on a cement floor is tiring!
    • This is yet another way to be thoughtful and respectful of your visitor
  5. Have an exclusive, special offer/discount for trade show visitors
    • Offer an online coupon or prize that is exclusive to trade show visitors (give a simple code
    • Make sure that people understand that this particular offer or discount is very special and not open to the general public.
    • Offer a special incentive for visitors to provide an email address and/or other contact information

Once again, the key to an effective trade show event for the displayer is to have staffing prepared and professional, and to offer only items that are useful. Trade show booth staff should be aggressive but not overly aggressive and thoughtful, respectful, and informative. If you give, you will get.

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