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How to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

The most effective trade show displays utilize a mixture of creativity, drama, and design to broadcast their message and really make an impression with their brand. The lesser effective trade show displays lack creativity and a spark. They are lost in the rubble in the show rooms shuffling with masses of attendees.

Exhibitors who understand how crucial it is to make a big impression. They want to know what factors make a great trade show booth. What is it that the top of the industry does differently? How can the smaller guys stick out in the masses of competition?

After extensive research here are the 5 ways to make your next trade show exhibit stand out from the crowd.

1. Have your trade show booth provide a valuable service to attendees.

Recently AOL did it right when they offered their high speed Internet service free to all of the trade shows attendees. Attendees found a comfortable place to make calls, check their email, and surf the Internet. Simultaneously, AOL had the opportunity to show off their other services such as music on demand, Mobile, AIM, and City Guide. This was a great double tactic that allowed visitors to full experience everything AOL in real time.

2. Find a location that stands apart from the crowd.

The larger companies are usually occupying the most populated areas. A company I knew commanded a corner in the concierge tent, which was located in the parking lot outside the main hall. The entryway had a 35-foot TV showing brand logos and promotional videos. There were 40 laptops for guests to use and six were mounted on mechanical arms, which could be reached by attendees sitting in chairs.

3. Find creative ways to be in the moment .

Some companies create an overhead camera ring to film the activities of their booth in real time. This prospective allows overseers to see their booth in a different light and create new strategies based on their collected data.

4. Use eye-catching designs, shapes and tension fabrics.

Some modern day presentations utilize enormous projections and large amounts of fabric screens. Use a great graphic designer and really get into your creativity for these. Represent your brand the way it should be represented.

5. Create a space for attendees to try out your products.

There is no better way to get people interested in your product than to give them a first hand account right there on the spot. Allow visitors to immerse themselves in your world and really see what it is you do.

Showcase new technology and awe your guests. Follow these tips and your next trade show will be a great success.

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