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How to Attract The Right Visitors to Your Trade Show Display

How to Attract The Right Visitors to Your Trade Show DisplayAside from just offering attendees free swag, drinks, and food, here are some ways you can bring in the right crowd to your trade show display.

Attendees could be attracted to your trade show displays if you have free food and coffee, amazing giveaways, and drawings, but are you really attracting the right people to your display system? Take a look at these points to help bring in your target audience instead of people who are just there for the free stuff.

Pre-Show Advertising

Give your customers a heads-up that you will be at the event by either sending out invitations, direct mail pieces, or phone calls. Offer an incentive to get them to stop by your booth, such as a discount on your product or a free gift just for stopping by your booth. Another great way to get the word out is through social media. Let your followers and fans know when and where the big show will be taking place. Use hash tags to get the attention of those who are interested in the same show or industry.

Good Signage

If you signs don t clearly state what your company does, it could be drawing in the wrong crowd. Not only should your signs have your company s logo, but having a catchy tagline could make your trade show booth remembered long after the convention. These sentences should be short and sweet, while still giving your audience a glimpse into what your company does. Hanging banners will definitely draw in a crowd from across the trade show floor by hanging directly above your display booth and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to really make you stand out. Having banner stands along the aisle is another excellent way to get the attendee s attention, especially if your trade show exhibit is tucked away and not easily viewable from the aisle way.


Hold a presentation at your display system to talk about your product or service in more detail. After the presentation, those attendees that were truly interested in what you had to stay will stick around and ask any further questions they may have. If this is something you want to do at your convention booth, there s a few rules to remember 1) keep it short (no more than 5 minutes), 2) stay away from technical or industry jargon because your audience may not understand it as well as you do, and 3) Visual aids will help your message sink in even more (for example, power point presentations and pictures of your products/services).

Staff Your Trade Show Booth with Knowledgeable Sales People

I ll let you in on a little secret attendees like talking to staffers who are knowledgeable of the products being sold. Many exhibitors decide to hire professionals to staff their portable display, but be sure you have your most knowledgeable sale people on hand to answer in-depth questions related to your products or services.

Color Code The Staff s Outfits

Make it easy for visitors to your trade show exhibit to pinpoint who works there and who is just looking. Matching shirts and pants will not only make it easy to find you, but will also look more professional.

Set up Appointments on the Trade Show Floor

Following up with leads is an important step after the event if you want to turn them into potential customers. Set up

appointments at your convention booth to decide on a time when you can talk to them one-on-one after the trade show is over, either on the phone or in your office. Having private areas in your display system to have these one-one-one meetings may also be convenient. For example, some custom exhibits have private areas built in for this very reason.

Give Everyone a Reason to Stop By

Entice attendees to come to your portable display through eye-catching giveaways, drawings, demonstrations, or games with prizes. Your audience will definitely remember you long after the trade show if you have something going on at your display booth.

Creative trade show exhibits will draw in a crowd, but these tips will hold their attention and leave them with a positive

impression of your company.

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