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You must make your impression in only 3 seconds. Your trade show display has only 3 seconds or less to catch the eye of attendees and draw your target audience in to your booth. If you always keep the 3-second rule in mind when planning and purchasing your display system, you will have an excellent shot at realizing your desired goals and returns.

This rule naturally asks the question: how do I make a display that will draw my audience in within 3 seconds? First, here is another fact: if you have planned properly, written a master plan, defined the message that you want to convey with your display, and have specific goals to meet then price alone should not be your primary consideration. No, getting the best possible return on your investment should be your primary concern. Further, when you speak to a trade show provider, they should want to help you meet your objectives, rather than just trying to make a sale.

The answer to the 3-second rule is to build a vision or mental picture of your display, based upon your planning and your essential message (that your display will illustrate). You should keep in mind all of your goals and objectives, and then stop to relax and imagine yourself at the trade show and walking towards your company s display. Imagine some of the most effective displays in the show. What sets them apart from the crowd? Aside from outstanding graphics and an excellent basic structure (of the display), chances are that what sets them far and above the others is the fullness of their polished display! Here are ways to give your display the fullness that maximizes the chances of beating the 3-second rule:

  • Trade Show Lights most often the usual fluorescent lighting used at trade shows is not the most desirable when setting your display apart from the other displays in the show. Give your eye-popping graphics the focus and brightness they deserve by adding the proper lighting to your display.
  • Banner options imagine your display with a hanging circular banner above the center of the display. Now picture some free-standing banners (like beautiful flags) leaning out into the passing crowd, forcing people to notice. There are many types of banners that are designed to add crisp punch to your display.
  • Counter options are both functional and attractive. More graphics can be stretched across your counter stand, and still serve as a platform/table for any number of functions. There are many different types and styles of counters that definitely breathe life and positive atmosphere to your display.
  • Flooring most trade shows have concrete floors that are hard on the feet and very drab looking. There are lots of affordable flooring options that add warmth, comfort, and a strongly inviting atmosphere. Choose from logo mats, wood flooring, carpets, interlocking comfort flooring, and much more. Many displays at the show will not offer comfortable, inviting flooring. You can be one of the more special booths by adding a floor.
  • Literature stands yet another inexpensive way to add fullness to your display is to add attractive literature stands or racks to your display. People will take your free brochures and literature without asking for it.
  • Kiosks - Need a display that will interact with your customer? The Kiosk allows you to display your products with monitors and computer devices so you can display your message at all times. Kiosks supplement or augment your booth display with professionalism, functionality, and style.
  • Shipping cases make your display truly mobile with the right shipping cases. Some cases can be converted to a counter, giving you more space to display your products or promotional materials, without having a shipping case that will get in the way. Most trade show displays include cases, but if you need an additional case for graphics or an old display, cases will provide the perfect solution! Fabric and graphic case wraps are available.
Most trade show display providers refer to these fullness items as accessories. Perhaps it is more important to view them as essential because it is these fullness items that pull people in within the first few seconds. Be sure to ask your display provider about adding fullness to your display. If they are caring, these professional consultants will walk you through your best and most effective options.

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