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The very best trade show displays come from proper research, in-depth planning, purchase or rental of the display from caring professionals, pre-show marketing, professional execution of all aspects of your exhibit, and post-show marketing and follow up. After all, you only have a precious few seconds to grab attention. Of course the main piece of that is the actual display itself. Many exhibitors spend thousands of dollars, even up to a million to get the best exhibit. Whatever the budget, there are clearly several components that are used that help you get the best possible display for your investment. Let s take a look at some of these components:

Research: Attend a few trade shows to see what competitors are doing that seem to be effective. Take a look at trade show providers (online) to see what is available that will work. Note: When you select a display vendor, be sure that their client support is top-notch and that they are interested in lifetime customers. Service is just as important as money matters.

Graphics: The graphics chosen, separate the best trade show displays from the lesser ones. At maximum, your graphics must be a show-stopper. This is achieved by incorporating bright, bold, crisp, colorful graphics the company logo is top center with a clear and concise message. And that message should be directly in line with trade show goals and objectives.

Space: It is proven, that open and inviting space is very effective at pulling people in and retaining them for a while. It is fun to accessorize an exhibit, but you must avoid clutter and cramped space. Having chairs available is a huge plus; most attendees are on their feet for long lengths of time and you can offer the chance to relax a bit.

Multimedia: Right for the start during planning you should be deciding on the use of multimedia, including TV/video, computers, projectors, and even music. Plan this from the start, not as a last minute inclusion. People are naturally drawn to moving images, and sound. Be certain that all screens and monitors are at eye level for the average person.

Promotional models: There are trained professional models male and female that are specifically used for standing outside your booth and drawing people in. Often times they are not that expensive. This is a very nice touch for any quality exhibit.

Kiosks: Kiosks are great for games with prizes, live demonstrations, presentations, and so much more. Again, this is a form of multimedia that is a natural attention-getter. Many of the best trade show displays utilize kiosks to grab and retain the responsiveness of attendees at the show.

Giveaways: Free USB drives ( thumb drives ), food (if proper), pens, coffee mugs, calendars, and gift certificates for goods and services are all excellent giveaways. Avoid putting your logo on throw-away items; stick with items that are retained after the show and that serve some function.

Drawing: A well-organized drawing for a bigger prize is always an excellent event to include that will make your booth special and memorable.

Common sense: Always do things that are in line with the trade show theme. For example, don t put models in skimpy swimwear in a more formal trade show. A little common sense goes a long way.

Know your numbers: Spending big dollars is worthwhile as long as you research thoroughly, plan well in advance, set realistic goals, execute the exhibit extremely well, do pre-show marketing/post-show marketing, and use a comprehensive follow-up plan. The return on your trade show investment depends on understanding your budget figures and projected goals.

In closing, the best trade show displays don t just happen, they are thought out carefully, and executed according to a strict plan. And finally, select a trade show professional advisor when purchasing your exhibit. Your trade show supplier should seek to help you genuinely, and gain a lifetime client.

By Timothy Carter

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