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Here are just a few reasons as to why both frequent and rookie exhibitors prefer pop up displays for their booths.


The pop-up displays are extremely affordable since it is lightweight and most of it s components are being created using eco-friendly materials.

Easy Assembly

As the name implies, the aluminum frame of these trade show displays quickly pops open and locks into place without the need to use tools to put the pieces together. On average, it takes between 5 and 15 minutes to completely put together. The graphic panels are also attached quickly with the use of magnetic channel bars. When you are ready to put your trade show display away, it can be packed up painlessly into one or two durable shipping cases, depending on the size of the pop up booth.

Multiple Configurations and Sizes

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their trade show booths. Luckily, there are several different sizes and shapes to choose from with the pop up displays for trade shows, whether you prefer table top displays, 20 foot convention displays, or something in the middle.

Pop up trade show exhibits were one of the first show displays on the market and continue to grow in popularity. Popup exhibits have opened up the floor to create fresh displays for trade shows based on its configuration. The hybrid displays, for example, are built to be as user-friendly as the pop up booths, but have a more customized look. Good luck at your next event!

Benefits of Pop-up Display

Benefits of Pop-up Display 

Benefits of Pop-up Display

A pop-up display is a graphical user interface device used to show advertisements and other custom tailored products and services models. Pop up display is in the form of table top displays and banner stands. Many more other types have emerged, flat panel displays, for instance. Pop up booths has brought up many remedies in the sales and marketing arena as described below.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble


Effectively Promote Your Business with Pop up Displays

Effectively Promote Your Business with Pop up DisplaysHere are just a few reasons pop up displays can be used to boost your brand at trade shows.

Why We Love Hop up Displays (and You Should, Too)

Why We Love Hop up Displays (and You Should, Too)Find out why you should be using these one-of-a-kind booths for your next event.

What You Need to Know About Pop up Displays

What You Need to Know About Pop up DisplaysPop up displays have been around for many years, but do you really know what benefits they hold? Keep reading to find out what it is about these booths that keep the exhibitors coming back.

Fabric Pop up Displays: The Perfect Portable Solution

Fabric Pop up Displays: The Perfect Portable SolutionFor those exhibitors who are short on money and time, Fabric Booths are the perfect solution to your exhibiting problem. Among the fact that they are lightweight, affordable, and take very little time to assemble, there are plenty of reasons to choose Fabric Pop up Displays for your upcoming event.

Powerful Design Tricks for Table Top Displays

Effective trade show booths are not always the largest; in fact, sometimes table top displays get more attention than the big 20 x 20 island displays. There are several reasons that small displays gain the interest of the crowd, while the larger ones aren't. These ideas will help you create table top pop up displays that will get noticed.


These Show Booths Offer Amazing Benefits ' Easily Increase Brand Awareness

Effective Trade Show ExhibitsDo you know what show display can be used at trade shows and other events to allow you to easily increase visitors awareness of who you are and what you have to offer? Pop up exhibits, that's what! The more people who notice your presence and outstanding offer, the bigger your chance of obtaining new clients and increasing profits.


Pop Up Displays Offer Great Results Even on a Limited Budget

Fabric Pop up DisplaysPop up displays are one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your exhibit and inform others about the products or services you offer. When you want to increase awareness of your company, offer and brand, there is no more cost effective way to accomplish this.


How Pop up Displays are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly Trade Show DisplaysMost trade show exhibits have now become less wasteful while still having an eye-catching design. Pop up displays are one type of display booth that has begun to incorporate eco-friendly materials into every trade show pop up display.


Pop up Displays: Should You Rent or Buy?

Are rental displays the right option for you?Pop up displays are an excellent trade show booth option if you need something quick, portable, and that has a high-impact design. Not only are these trade show displays easy on your wallet, but they come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs for the upcoming convention.


A Full-Service Agency At Smash Hit Displays, we go out of our way to provide you with full service. In addition to our full line of portable trade show exhibits, the highlights of our service includes:

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  • Tracking software that tracks your orders from beginning to end.
  • Partnerships with major trade exhibit manufacturers who have products in stock and can ship quickly.
  • Partnerships with nationwide printers to provide high-quality printing & graphics.

Display Warranties At Smash Hit Displays, we test every booth and exhibit we sell to make sure our customers get the best quality products. Our booths and exhibits are durable and versatile. We offer warranties on all products, ranging from 1-year to lifetime warranties.

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