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Why Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom Trade Show DisplayAs with any trade show display, everything begins with goals, objectives, and a plan. The primary goal of any plan upon which everything else hinges is to stand out from the crowd and draw people in to your exhibit. Very often, when people think of custom trade show displays, they think of huge, grandiose, very expensive exhibits, but a custom display can be virtually any size. Let s take a look at both small and large custom trade show displays. For this article, we will assume that booths that exceed 20 X 20 (on up) are larger exhibits.

First, before we talk about custom displays, we should mention something about budget and purchase. A smart budget is one that considers several factors. To be brief, here is a speculative sample formula for determining what to invest:

  • As a solar system vendor, I know that just one customer is worth $30,000 (lifetime value of one account)
  • I am willing to spend 5% of that lifetime value to get one new customer (5% of $30,000 = $1,500)
  • There will be a minimum of 1,000 attendees (audience) at the trade show
  • I can comfortably gain 2% of that audience as new customers (2% of 1,000 = 20 new customers)
  • To get those 20 customers I am willing to spend $1500 to get each one (20 X $1,500 = $30,000)
  • But I am only willing to spend 50% of that investment on the trade show ($30,000 50% = $15,000)
  • I am spending just $15,000 on the trade show in order to earn $600,000 (20 X $30,000 = $600,000)

In the above formula, you can see that when done correctly a trade show is a highly profitable investment. If, however, budget is the primary factor in deciding on a trade show display, perhaps a custom display is not the way to go, unless you select a smaller size booth configuration. Always keep in mind that there are a few truly professional and caring custom trade show display providers that are willing to honestly help you maximize the financial return on your trade show investment. As an example, Smash Hit Displays will, pay the additional charges to design and engineer these custom displays, allowing you to get a pre-designed trade show booth for less money. It pays to shop around. First, get a design to work from (some vendors will do this free), and then get bids from various trade show display vendors. In short, stick to a thoughtful plan, determine your budget, and then seek out a professional to help with the design and purchase of your custom trade show display. Okay, let s move on.

Even a 10 X 10 booth can be a custom display. Start with a standard display type and then aggrandize (accessorize) to make it a custom exhibit. For example, a 10 X 10 pop up display could be the standard display type that you will customize. Use the pop up as the back wall, or centerpiece. Perhaps then you could add 2 fabric displays for side walls, with more graphics, of course. Then bring in some special lighting to brighten everything, as well as nice flooring, and a kiosk and you re there! You have created a custom trade show display. The point is that by adding new elements and altering the configuration of the display, you make your exhibit customized and visually stunning. People will remember your display!

There is little boundary to what you can do, given the proper space. Take a look on the internet at big custom trade show displays and you will see some absolute works of art. Everybody attending the trade show will definitely see a magnificent, massive exhibit. Although a few people at the show may avoid something so large, most everyone will come by to take a look. Many of these enormous displays can exceed a million dollars. Wow! Of course this will take plenty of manpower to set up, take down, and staff for the show! These displays are usually done by trade show veterans, to be sure. Sometimes these outrageous custom displays can seem cold or uninviting. Be careful to use warm colors in the graphics, easy lighting, comfortable flooring, and complimentary accessories.

If you do plan to use your custom trade show display more than once a year, one good idea is to save one main panel (or more) for a new graphic each time out, keeping the exhibit fresh for each event. Changing the configuration can work to your advantage, as well as plenty of accessories.

What happens to these grandiose custom displays after the show? That is a great question. If it is a rented trade show display, it is returned for some credit/refund of the price. Otherwise, we have seen these displays retired to become a lobby exhibit in a corporate building, or even an airport, or conceivably sold to another company.

In closing, proper planning and budgeting of your custom trade show display is the key to a high return on the investment. Whether your custom exhibit is small, or huge, make use of professional trade show display experts to ensure that your display is warm, inviting, and above all stunning! A custom trade show display is sure to get noticed and bring in a solid return.

By Timothy Carter

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